Greg Lake is a public speaker, blogger/author, consultant and public policy commentator.

Greg regularly speaks at professional development days, schools, conferences and public forums. He has also appeared in a number of television and radio interviews. He is passionate about discussing asylum seeker policy, management, public policy development, public sector integrity and political engagement. (As a christian, he also doesn’t mind talking about the role of a personal faith in public life and work.)

Until recently, Greg worked for the Department of Immigration managing Immigration Detention Centres (IDCs), including Nauru, Christmas Island, Curtin and Scherger (in Far North Queensland). He has also spent considerable time working in policy advisory and research roles for the Australian Government. Prior to his work in the public sector, he worked in financial services, community development (youth work) and cross-cultural development.

Greg also draws from these experineces to help organisations develop stronger public or government engagement strategies and work through complex issues of public policy.

If you would like Greg to speak at your event or work with your management team, please contact him using the form below.

(Generally, Greg askes for assistance in covering his travel costs to and from events, accommodation (if required) and a nominal (and negotiable) speakers fee. Please get in touch to discuss these arrangements.)


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