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Public Service professionalism and personal integrity

15 Jun

professionalism charity financeI did a talk recently (which you can watch here) and, at the end, answered a few questions from the audience.  One of the questioners asked whether, given the challenging environment I was in as an Immigration Officer, I was ever tempted to subvert the system, break the rules and do things in a way that I thought would be better than the way they were already being done.

My answer was basically no. But I did go on to explain, and I thought it might be helpful to share that answer in a bit more detail here… Continue reading

Introduction to The Immigration Blog

16 Mar


Welcome to the beginnings of my blog on migration matters. I’ve recently resigned¬†from a job with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia, having spent time working at the pointy end of the main im¬†migration issue facing the Australian Government – boats. ¬†I worked on Christmas Island, ran Immigration detention centres in Western Australia and Queensland and managed the Regional Processing Centre (read: detention centre) on Nauru. During my time in the system, I had roits, deaths and boat crashes. I saw asylum seekers sew their lips, cut themselves and try and jump off buildings.

The whole experience left me somewhat scarred. But don’t worry, this blog isn’t therapy…

Continue reading


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