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Cap the amount of aid money spent on processing asylum seekers at zero!

13 May
Wayne Swan, Australia's Treasurer

Wayne Swan, Australia’s Treasurer

Wayne Swan has just come out and announced that in this year’s federal budget (due to be announced tomorrow), the government will cap how much of the aid budget can be used to pay for the processing of Asylum Seekers in places like Manus and Nauru.  In other words, they’re going to try and prevent any future government from dipping in to the aid budget by any more than about $375m to help hold vulnerable people in detention in deplorable conditions on islands far from Australia.

(Incidentially, that amount – if it turns out to be $375m (which is what is expected, though the full details will be known tomorrow) – is exactly the amount that the Labor government have already spent out of the foreign aid budget to pay for these deplorable camps…)

Sure, I’m all for capping the amount of aid money that should be used for this sort of dreadful policy. It should be capped a ZERO!

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