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The RRA… Good samaritan or eye for an eye?

21 Jul

kevin_rudd_400_aap_black_18uhoao-18uhoatThe last few days of the media in Australia have been dominated by a discussion of the shifting politics between Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Tony Abbott. With Rudd’s announcement of a signed Refugee Resettlement Agreement (RRA) with the PNG Government, the talk of the town was that he had now done everything there was to do before an election except announce a date. The polls saw him gain a healthy bump and, as a result, the pressure started mounting on Tony Abbott (and his staff) to explain how they had managed to lose an election-winning lead in the space of just two weeks.

In amongst all that, some people have been analysing the details of this RRA (at least, analysing the details that have been made public) and asking some questions. Many would agree (myself included) that this was as much a political solution as a policy one – Rudd needed to change the Labor party’s fortunes on the issue – and it seems to have worked. But what does it all really mean.

I’ve already posted on what I think of the RRA, but I wanted to share a further thought after a friend of mine asked me whether the deal wasn’t a little bit like the story of the good samaritan… Continue reading



26 Apr

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a christian. Basically, that means that I believe Jesus (the guy who walked around a couple of thousand of years ago) is actually God and I seek to live a life that is in line with the things that the history books (particularly in a collection of writings known as the bible) tell us that he said.

The thing is, right, I’m pretty shocking at it! As an example, Jesus says that people who follow him must literally be different from the world. By looking at their lives, people should know that christians are something pretty radically different. But I’m not sure that people looking at me would necessarily see that.

Now, I’m not going to go on too much about that here (check out my other blog for more on the whole ‘Jesus’ thing), but I am going to share with you something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently…


Until a couple of months ago, I was working for the (Australian) Department of Immigration. The last job I had was as the Director of the Regional Processing Centre on Nauru. For those unfamiliar with it, its the place the Australian Government sends people who come to Australia by boat to seek asylum (political protection).  Seeking asylum in Australia isn’t illegal, but both the government and the main opposition party are committed to detaining the asylum seekers on arrival and transferring many of them to places like Nauru – a separate country where they’re deprived of many liberties.

To give you an idea of what Nauru is like, the guy who was famous for representing the former Guantanamo Bay detainee, David Hicks, is now representing 10 of the asylum seekers at the Nauru ‘Regional Processing Centre’ (read: detention centre). Continue reading


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