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Manus island a plague on both our houses

16 Apr

Manus island a plague on both our houses

So, the Department of Immigration (in Australia) have given a Parliamentary inquiry a submission that says that the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre is in a bad way. In the submission, they argue that the conditions at the temporary centre mean that a permanent site needs to be found as soon as possible. Without better facilities and conditions, there are serious risks to public health and safety.

Of course, the Australian Government, who fund and run the centre (under the ‘leadership’ of an effectively silent PNG official) aren’t the only ones who should be held accountable. PNG are just as much to blame – after all, it is their internal politics and system that have prevented the permanent site anyway. Sure, the federal level government can’t force the Manus Provincial government to do anything, but if those sorts of risks existed, the centre shouldn’t have been opening in the first place.


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