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The calibre of public debate

18 Mar

779369-cartoonSometimes I wonder at how low the Australian debate about asylum seekers can go.

When a senior cabinet minister can think of nothing to say, they should say nothing at all.  For that matter, so should the opposition.  Not so these days – both the Immigration Minister and the shadow minister are guilty of the same…

On 1 March 2013, the Immigration Minister, Brendan O’Connor issued this media release.  In it, the only thing he talks about is how the opposition are wrong for suggesting that asylum seekers who have been given temporary visas (BVEs) are disappearing into the community.  He alleges that the arrangements the Labor government have put in place involve much more monitoring of BVE holders than under the Howard Government’s temporary protection visa system. (What a relief!)

There was no policy announcement, no event and no good news story to share – just a media release about his political opponent’s media comments. Clearly that’s news these days. Continue reading


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