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Drop the ‘I-word’

10 Apr

Drop the ‘I-word’

An action can be illegal, but a person can’t. AP has taken a stand in it’s new style guide and will no longer describe a person as ‘illegal’. 


Immigration writer for the Examiner (USA)

8 Apr

Immigration writer for the Examiner (USA)

Check out this link. Its the posts by a guy called Dave Gibson – the Examiner’s writer on Illegal Immigration in the United States. He claims that it is the most pressing issue of our time (topping the economy, climate change and military unrest in the middle east, Palestine and North Korea?) and, if you look at his posts, you’d think the biggest problem was that every Mexican who crosses the border sexually abuses a child! (Clearly, that isn’t the case. Not to excuse those people who do that kind of thing, but if the legal age of concent in Mexico really is 12, the issue is about educating and informing immigrants, as much as its about worrying for the children. Its not on – no-one is saying that child sex abuse is ok – but perhaps the problem is a little more complex than this guy makes it sound).

Anyway, a shocking example of how hard it is for Americans to find helpful and real information about what is a big issue (even if its not the most pressing of our time).


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